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Rudy: About That Romney Benghazi Thing

Sorry Folks, Benghazi. Again.

I used to like Rudy Giuliani way, way, waaaay back, when he wasn’t a right wing bootlick.

For those of you who missed it, Rudy Giuliani discussed Mitt Romney’s failed campaign on Fox and Friends this morning, and like a dutiful Republican, invoked BENGHAAAAAZI!:

“Even if he didn’t win, if he had made Benghazi a bigger issue, I think we would have had a better chance.”

Rudy seems to forget that Benghazi did enter Mitt’s campaign, when America watched him leave his press conference about the tragedy with a self-serving smirk on his face, happy as a 1% pig in shit:

Romney Benghazi press conference

Don’t be such a putz, Rudy.


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Today’s Links 1/13/2015

today's links

redneck scumbagAmericablog: Parents arrested for videoing 1 y.o. with gun in his mouth“Bang, bang, bang — shoot that thang,” you hear the father say as his son puts the barrel of the gun into his mouth.”

dollarBusiness Insider: Economists Can Barely Contain Their Excitement About The New Economic Reports  … Small-business optimism is at a new post-crisis high. The NFIB small-business-optimism survey rose to 100.4 in December, the highest reading since October 2006.”  Oddly enough, it doesn’t credit Mitch McConnell or the “anticipation of a Republican Congress”, hmmm…

NO_Mitt_RomneyBooman poses this question:“…Who do you think will be more dispirited by a third Mitt Romney campaign for the presidency? You, who will have to read about it? Or the bloggers and reporters, who will have to write about it?

I thought Tagg (who names a kid that) Romney said Daddy didn’t really want to be President anyway: “He wanted to be president less than anyone I’ve met in my life. He had no desire… to run. If he could have found someone else to take his place… he would have been ecstatic to step aside.” Well, we’re all for that.

Mike-Huckabee-x400From Crooks & Liars: Huckajesus Chides Obamas For Letting Their Kids Listen To Beyonce “You’d just think that the father of a son who tortured and killed a dog would kind of avoid lecturing anyone else on their parenting!”

jesus-constitution-150x133And finally, Wonkette brings us this: Oklahoma Just Wants To Protect Hobby Lobby’s Right To Teach Your Kids ‘Bout Jesus, No BigFrom the very same state that brought us the unconstitutional law to ban even the whispered mention of Sharia comes a shiny new bill to protect Hobby Lobby’s right to teach your kids about Jesus, America’s greatest founding father.”

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