Losing Our Humanity

NY D Day Artifacts AuctionAs I watch us losing our humanity daily, I am disappointed in my country. We are allowing extremists to set the agenda. The lunatics aren’t running the asylum; they have scaled the walls, busted down the doors, crawled out of the windows, and they are among us.

  • Masculinity-challenged assholes find fun in terrorizing children by strolling around their schools with guns
  • Black kids are shot like it’s sport
  • The far right has twisted Christianity into a big hot mess of racist, bigoted, pigs
  • The Tea Party has summoned every subterranean piece of shit from its cave, and increased the country’s ignorance quotient to an infinite degree
  • Poor and middle class conservative voters question nothing, while their party slowly, quietly, pulls the rug out from under them…

We are no longer the United States, we are the divided states of rich and poor, educated and uneducated, black and white, gay and straight, hateful and hated.

Politicians undermine our country, religious leaders undermine our faith, journalists undermine our truths, and the rich undermine our government.

We need a healthy environment.
We need an educated society.
We need a living wage.
We need an uncorrupted political system.
We need to take care of our elderly.
We need to repay our veterans.
We need to accept each other.
We need to support each other.
We need our compassion back.
We need to be a united country again.


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