Two Clowns Walk Into a Primary…

priebusReince Priebus is probably losing a lot of sleep these days; his party has been taken over by the fringe and his two front runners for 2016 are more like running jokes. For instance:

Ben Carson, surgeon extraordinaire thanks to “socialism“, is just about as bat shit crazy as they come. It’s said there’s a thin line between genius and madness, but we’re quickly learning Carson has no such line. There might be method to his madness though, as David A. Love writes in The Grio:

A trail of outlandish, offensive comments is the only way a black man will get ahead in today’s GOP, the de facto party of white nationalism, for all of their lip service to outreach and the so-called big tent. And in the primaries, Trump and Carson are giving the unhinged white Republican base all the raw meat they can eat.

Reince Priebus however, believes:

“… he’s got a good voice in our party. He’s got some good ideas.”

Let’s look at those “ideas”, shall we?

Ben CarsonHe has claimed American society is like Nazi Germany numerous times.

Thinks U.S. history curriculum breeds ISIS terrorists.

Believes heterosexual folk can “turn gay” in prison.

Said “Obamacare” is like slavery.

Promised to prevent a constitutionally impossible Obama third term.

Wants to shut down colleges who don’t teach what he thinks they should.

Said gun control would be “more devastating” than anyone’s bullet riddled body.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to list every crazy thing the man has said; for more, just google “stupid Ben Carson quotes”. Carson explains himself this way:

“I don’t think like a normal politician, because I’m not a politician.”

No, he thinks like an insane person, so…

TrumpThen there’s Mr. Trump, whose voting base seems to center on the number one: The 1%, and the 1-digit I.Q. He has alienated everyone else. Current polling shows Trump in a tight race with Clinton (who, let’s be honest, will likely be our candidate), but we’re a year out folks and a lot will happen in that year. To no one’s surprise, not everyone on the Right is enamored with their leading fool, either.

Writers at the National Review have referred to Trump as a “witless ape” and “one of the most execrable clowns in the history of these United States“. Michelle Malkin called him “an assclown“, George Will called him “incorrigibly vulgar“, and a whole host of others have vented their disgust in posts. And yet, he remains their front runner.

We are witnessing the total disintegration of the Conservative brand, and the death of Republican legitimacy. They will not survive the humiliation that either of these Bozos would bring down on this country were they to be elected.

Perhaps the most insightful opinion of these candidates though, was issued by Trump himself when he said:

“One of the key problems today is that politics is such a disgrace. Good people don’t go into government.”

Not in the GOP they don’t, anyway.


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