Top Secret Clearance For Trump’s Kids, Seriously?

I don’t know if the Trumps think they’re going to be the next political dynasty, or if they’re fashioning themselves after some of their most revered dictators, but Donald Trump is asking for Top Secret security clearance for his kids, as the International Business Times reports:

trumpsPresident-elect Donald Trump reportedly wants his oldest children to have top secret security clearances even though nepotism rules prevent them from being hired to work in the White House.

CBS News reported the Trump team has asked the White House to explore the possibility, which technically would require Trump’s offspring — Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr. — to be designated as national security advisers.

Isn’t that a hoot… or not. I don’t even trust Donald Trump with Top Secret clearance, let alone the rest of the Beverly Hillbillies. Imagine the input on foreign policy decisions by kids who probably think domestic policy is how much they pay the help.

Trump is claiming the CBS report is false, and we know how honest he is.


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