The Idiots and the Oddities 6.22.15

Idiots and OdditiesWelcome to the Idiots and the Oddities, a look at recent conservative ignorance and insanity.

 First up, we have the Stupid Republican Bills category; this comes to us from the Michigan House Republicans site:

State Rep. Todd Courser today introduced legislation that ends government involvement in performing wedding ceremonies and puts that responsibility in the hands of religious leaders.

CourserRep. Courser, R-Lapeer, introduced House Bills 4731, 4732 and 4733, which place the officiating of marriages back in the realm of churches.

Under the legislation, the licensing components of marriage would remain a government responsibility, but municipal and judicial officials would no longer have the ability to perform wedding ceremonies. The bills protect public officials from being forced to perform same-sex marriages.

So should the Supreme Court rule in favor of marriage equality, people who choose to be taxpayer funded public officials, would no longer be required to do part of their job. This will never stand up in court, people being forced to have a wedding ceremony officiated by a religious official, but hey – when you don’t know how to actually govern, all that’s left is Republican feel good legislation.

From my These Guys Have No Stones files: Republican 2016 wannabes dance around the confederate flag issue:


Scott Walker: “I think they’re going to have a good healthy debate, and should have that debate, in South Carolina amongst officials at the state level.”

Of course, officials at the state level in South Carolina are precisely why the confederate flag still flies at the capitol, but by all means – have yet another debate about it.

rubioMarco Rubio: “… this is an issue that they should debate and work through and not have a bunch of outsiders coming in and telling them what to do about it.”

See, this is the mentality of Conservatives: There is no “we” beyond state borders; United States my ass. BTW, the Daily Beast reports Rubio “spoke of his love for the Second Amendment during his Thursday speech to the Faith and Freedom crowd”. Putz.

santorumRick Santorum: “This is a decision that needs to be made here in South Carolina. I have my opinion. But I think the opinion of people here in South Carolina and having them work through this difficulty is much more important than politicizing it.”

“I have my opinion”, but the lunatic fringe are the only voters I can get so I’ll just wuss out on that one thank you very much. Probably the most ironic, mind-numbingly idiotic statement comes from Bobby Jindal via Newshounds:

…Government’s not going to eradicate evil. And that’s why it would be also a good time to call America to prayer.
Um, you mean like the victims were doing when they were shot for no reason? Idiot. You can read more GOP non-statement statements here; I’ve spent enough time on these fools.
Next, in the No Shit department comes this Media Matters headline:
capt obviousFox’s Karl Rove: Republicans Should Ignore Donald Trump, Who Is “Not A Serious Candidate”
Another bit of dazzling political insight from Mr. Rove as Trump joins all of the other not-serious-candidates lining up for Republicans.
Speaking of Trump, Mexicans are pretty unhappy with him after he called them all criminals and racists, but they have a healthy outlet for their anger: A Trump Pinãta! What a great idea! According to Valley Central:

trump pinataThe papier-mache figure will come in a variety of sizes. The first was on display Friday at the Pinatas Ramirez store in the border city of Reynosa.

Avalos Ramirez says he created it “because of the hatred Trump expressed for the Mexican people.” He said “people want to burn the pinatas, they want to break them.”

I want one, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, sell them in America!!!

Finally, for the Nice Try, Bozo award:

jeb campaign sign

Jeb Bush thinks we’re so stupid that if he leaves his last name off of his campaign posters, we’ll forget he’s a Bush. Aside from the Tea Party folks, I don’t really see that working do you?

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