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Ignorant Right Wing Memes

Flock of sheep

The Right’s ability to brainwash its sheep is amazing; of course, it helps when your voting base is too lazy to do their own fact checking. There are some truly ridiculous things out there, and the right wing rage is palpable.  Here are a few graphics I’ve seen on the internet lately:


In prison for what exactly, an embassy attack that was a partially due to Republicans cutting their security dollars?  The “scandal” of using her personal email for government business, something Colin Powell, Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio have done? My God, if we didn’t put Bush and Cheney in jail, nobody deserves to go.

drug testing

First of all nimwits, EMPLOYERS drug test employees because it’s a liability issue among other things, and THE COMPANY pays for it. Second of all, states that have instituted drug testing of welfare recipients have actually lost money on the program for little result: Think Progress reports seven states’ testing results as of 2014:

Missouri: 48 out of 38,970

Oklahoma: 297 out of 3,342

Utah: 29 out of  9,552

Kansas: 11 out of 2,783

Mississippi: 2 out of 3,656

Tennessee: 37 out of 16,017

Arizona: 3 out of 142,424

 Then there’s Florida: 108 out of 4,046

Interesting bit about the Sunshine State, as Forbes reported:

 … Rick Scott pushed mandatory drug testing—provided, in part, by his wife’s company, Solantic. Scott transferred his $62 million stake in the company to his wife only a few months before mandating drug testing for state employees and welfare recipients.

Gee, that’s quite a coincidence.

… statistics show that applicants actually test positive at a lower rate than the drug use of the general population. The national drug use rate is 9.4 percent. In these states, however, the rate of positive drug tests to total welfare applicants ranges from 0.002 percent to 8.3 percent, but all except one have a rate below 1 percent.

Yet the Right chooses to whine about the non-existent problem of drug use by welfare recipients rather than their tax dollars are being spent for nothing more than a political feel-good exercise.

One would think folks who yammer about the Constitution all the time would recognize this drug-testing plan as a violation of the 4th Amendment, but it seems they never made it past the first two. Luckily, courts in Florida actually followed the law on this one.

food stamps

According to the website SNAP to Health (my emphases):

The SNAP Restaurant Meal Program is a federal option selected by five states. It allows an exception to the SNAP prohibition on hot, ready-to-eat foods for elderly, disabled and homeless SNAP participants only. In three of the five states, this program is not available statewide but rather offered in specific counties or on a pilot basis. Qualifying restaurants must offer low cost or reduced price meals and meet other SNAP requirements.

It’s not like they’re reserving tables at Manhattan’s Four Seasons; eligible “restaurants” are places like Chick-Fil-A and Sonic. There’s another distinction: Prepared food is allowable under TANF, or Temporary Assistance For Needy Families, not under SNAP, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (aka “Food Stamps”).


Some FACTS from GunCite (my emphases):

Gun control, the Law on Firearms and Ammunition, was introduced to Germany in 1928 under the Weimar regime (there was no Right to Arms in the Constitution of 1919) in large part to disarm the nascent private armies, e.g. the Nazi SA (aka “the brownshirts”)… Gun control was not initiated at the behest or on behalf of the Nazis – it was in fact designed to keep them, or others of the same ilk, from executing a revolution against the lawful government…

The Third Reich did not need gun control (in 1938 or at any time thereafter) to maintain their power. The success of Nazi programs (restoring the economy, dispelling socio-political chaos) and the misappropriation of justice by the apparatus of terror (the Gestapo) assured the compliance of the German people. Arguing otherwise assumes a resistance to Nazi rule that did not exist. [Read more Facts here.]

ignorant folk

This one is so ridiculous I don’t even know what to say other than: There is a certain bloc of the Right’s voting base that simply chooses to not be part of the United States. They live in an alternate universe that stands still while time and progress pass them by. They are either too ignorant, or too afraid, to join the real world. When you only seek information from those media sources that echo your own opinions, guess what… you’re always right. Problem is, socially backward parents tend to raise socially backward children.

The creator of that meme would be surprised to learn that all of those things apply to me as well; I just don’t believe they define America… except the loving freedom bit, of course. Must say, I don’t get the skull.

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You Got Your Wish Senator Graham

If you recall, Lindsey Graham is known for the statement:

“The demographics race we’re losing badly. We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.”

graham trumpNow that his party has become the exact demographic he wanted, Donald Trump is leading in the GOP polls, and poor Lindsey Graham has the sadz. In an interview with CNN:

Graham chalked Trump’s lead up to a “dark side of politics that Mr. Trump is appealing to.” He said Trump is channeling the same Republican primary voters who believe President Barack Obama is a Muslim and was born in Kenya.

“He is shallow, he is ill-prepared to be commander-in-chief, he doesn’t know what he is talking about in terms of how our laws work, he says the worst things possible about immigrants and women, and he’s a complete idiot when it comes to Mideast policy…

Luckily he specified he was was talking about Donald Trump, because the above description could fit any one of the GOP’s 2016 candidates. Graham added:

“So I think over time, common sense will prevail.”

Does he really. For the past 7 years, Lindsey Graham and his party have said and done nothing to inform their voters or improve their lives. They have stoked the GOP fires of racism, bigotry, and misogyny, while governing through blatant dishonesty. They’ve been happy to let their voters’ uneducated anger fester and grow.

It is Conservatives who have driven the wedge deeper and deeper into this country; now it has blown up in their face with Donald Trump’s candidacy. They have no message, they have no plan, and now they’ve lost any shred of legitimacy.

This is the party you asked for, Senator Graham:

Angry White Guys Montage2

Are you happy now?

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Donald Trump’s Fantasy Cabinet

trump clownDue to a large swath of imbeciles in the Conservative Movement, Donald Trump is currently leading the polls for the GOP’s 2016 Presidential nomination. So Mr. Trump, clown extraordinaire, is considering his tentative cabinet, should hell freeze over, pigs fly, it snows in summer, and he gets elected. It is a mashup of has-beens, never-weres, and egos the size of Texas.

Trump recently stated he would love to have Sarah Palin in his cabinet. I think a locked cabinet in someone’s basement would be better for the country but hey, what do I know. What cabinet post you ask? He didn’t say, but let’s think:

palin empty chairSecretary of Education? Don’t think so. Not only are her English language skills debatable, but her grasp of American history and geography hovers around 1st grade level.

Secretary of Labor? Hardly. Do the terms Sarah Palin and work go hand in hand to you?

Secretary of the Interior? She probably thinks that means redecorating the White House.

coulter scarecrowI have to admit, the Palin post is a stumper. Ann Coulter on the other hand, is volunteering to be Trump’s Secretary of Homeland Security. How about head of border security? He could just tie the emaciated witch to a post and prop her up on the border somewhere, sort of like an androgynous scarecrow. Nobody would come near that.

Trump also said he’d like to make Trey Gowdy Attorney General. He’s the little pinhead with the oversized ego in charge of the Republicans’ SEVENTH committee looking into Benghazi. Just the word Benghazi gives this guy a woody. FYI, the New York Observer reports:

trey-gowdyOver 13 months the Benghazi Select Committee has spent more than $3,500,000, exceeding the budget of the entire House Intelligence Committee.

Rep. Gowdy now states the committee will continue its work into 2016 raising its cost to taxpayers to more than $6,000,000…

He’ll probably end up old and senile, wandering around the nursing home muttering the word Benghazi, punctuated by occasional shouts of Hillary! like a Tourette’s sufferer.

I’m actually looking forward to the humor Trump’s “Cabinet picks” will provide, but you and I know the only cabinet he stands a chance of organizing in 2016 is his medicine cabinet.

1187819_SMJPG_7FU94092BJ1890229cross-posted at All Things Democrat

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Why I Love Conservatives

I heart conservatives

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Losing Our Humanity

NY D Day Artifacts AuctionAs I watch us losing our humanity daily, I am disappointed in my country. We are allowing extremists to set the agenda. The lunatics aren’t running the asylum; they have scaled the walls, busted down the doors, crawled out of the windows, and they are among us.

  • Masculinity-challenged assholes find fun in terrorizing children by strolling around their schools with guns
  • Black kids are shot like it’s sport
  • The far right has twisted Christianity into a big hot mess of racist, bigoted, pigs
  • The Tea Party has summoned every subterranean piece of shit from its cave, and increased the country’s ignorance quotient to an infinite degree
  • Poor and middle class conservative voters question nothing, while their party slowly, quietly, pulls the rug out from under them…

We are no longer the United States, we are the divided states of rich and poor, educated and uneducated, black and white, gay and straight, hateful and hated.

Politicians undermine our country, religious leaders undermine our faith, journalists undermine our truths, and the rich undermine our government.

We need a healthy environment.
We need an educated society.
We need a living wage.
We need an uncorrupted political system.
We need to take care of our elderly.
We need to repay our veterans.
We need to accept each other.
We need to support each other.
We need our compassion back.
We need to be a united country again.


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Dear Senator Cruz

Dear Senator Cruz

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They Said What? Latest RW Idiocy

facepalmThey Said What?

Sometimes there’s such a smorgasbord of RW idiocy out there, the posts can’t come fast enough; for those times, pulling a quote or two from the drivel can say it all.


Idiot Supreme Alex Jones:

Palin“Palin says she’s very interested in a 2016 campaign. Hey I’ll say it, Palin is a lot better than Jeb Bush or Chris Christie, she’s the real deal… the “winning ticket is Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin or Rand Paul, Sarah Palin.”

The ONLY thing the Wasilla Hillbilly is “very interested in” is keeping the rubes donating to her PAC so she can maintain her Clampetts meet Beverly Hills lifestyle. While her PAC donated a paltry 5.5% of $3.6 million to actual candidates, they spent $10,885 buying her books, and most of the rest on lavish travel and speech writers.

This comes to us from Media Matters:

Fox Hosts Promote Scott Walker As The “Sexy” Republican 2016 Hopeful

I think pictures speak for themselves:

Walker collage

Yeah, I’m just not seein’ it. A President should at least look like he’s passed the puberty stage. I guess he might be sexy if you’re into that dufus look.

From Crooks & Liars:

terrorist laughingNewly elected GOP Sen. Thomas Croci of Islip introduced legislation this week to create the “New York State Terrorist Registry” to track evildoers who have taken up residence in the Empire State. The registry, which would be accessible to the public on the Web, would be modeled after the one now used to track registered sex offenders living in New York and would require the terrorists.

“It will discourage terrorists worldwide from entering New York, require those already in New York to register and be monitored,” Croci told the Daily News. “Most importantly, it will provide our law enforcement with an important new tool, to immediately arrest a terrorist who has not registered and submitted to monitoring once their presence in New York State is discovered.”

Some Tennessee Religious RW idiocy courtesy of Squatlo Rant:

holy-wordsState Rep. Jerry Sexton’s first official proposal at the Legislative Plaza was a motion to consider naming an official state book for the Volunteer State, and you’ll never guess which book he’d like his colleagues to consider: The Holy Bible.

Undeterred by the failure of similar proposals in both Mississippi and Louisiana, Sexton has filed a motion to debate making the Bible Tennessee’s official state book. We already have a state tree, flower, fruit, song, and dance… hell, we’ve even got a state salamander. Surely we need ourselves an official state book, right?

And as Squatlo reports, not to be outdone:

WTF?Rep. James Van Huss (R-Jonesboro) has filed a motion to have new language inserted into Tennessee’s State Constitution, language that will make it clear who’s running the show. Here’s the phrase he wants the legislature to add to the constitution:

“We recognize that our liberties do not come from governments, but from Almighty God, our Creator and Savior.”

There you go! See how easy it is to make sure everyone knows you’re a fine, upstanding Christian taking care of the state’s business in Nashville? So what if some other panderin’ fool beat you to the low hanging fruit by going on the record with the Holy Bible as the state’s official book? There’s still plenty of fruit dangling around if you know how to reach it!

Speaking of God and politics, one of Rick Perry’s “financiers” recently told the Daily Mail:

perry talks to God


‘He and his wife believe they are touched by God, and that this is his time,’ the donor said. ‘It’s like – they can’t lose – that’s the sense of it.’

Rick Perry’s been touched by something alright, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the hand of God.
Think Progress had this:
rocksDuring a House Education and Workforce Committee proceeding on Wednesday to reauthorize the nation’s elementary and secondary education law, Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) said, “Socrates trained Plato in on a rock and then Plato trained in Aristotle roughly speaking on a rock. So, huge funding is not necessary to achieve the greatest minds and the greatest intellects in history.”
FYI: Virginia got a grade of C+ on the Education Week 2015: State Report Cards Map.

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Rick Santorum Makes a Despicable Play

Rick Santorum can’t sink much lower.

If you’re Rick Santorum, and you got your “Christian” ass kicked in your last attempt to become President, what do you do? Evidently, you put on some “blue collar” type clothes (to hide the fact that you’re a millionaire) and start whipping up the Republican base about “those immigrants”.

Not the undocumented folks that your party usually denigrates, oh no, you’re going to get the angry white guys to start hating on legal immigrants, too. It’s a despicable ploy and Santorum should be ashamed of himself:

Rick Santorum claims to be a Catholic, yet he sinks so low as to literally create another avenue of hate for the hateful, with a bald-faced lie:

Since 2000 there have been a little over six million net new jobs created. What percentage of those net new jobs are held by people not born in this country? Half? Sixty? All of them.

Santorum’s statement comes from a report by the Center for Immigration Studies, a not-so-pro-immigration group:

…who’s Senior Policy Analyst Stephen Steinlight told the Inter Press Service News Agency in 2005 that immigration threatens “the American people as a whole and the future of Western civilization.”SPLC

Here are a few of the report’s errors, courtesy of PunditFact:

First, that study focused on workers between 16 and 65 years old. In a footnote, the authors acknowledge that the results would look quite different if they had included older workers.

The center’s study also noted that the time period you pick will change what the data show. The report said, “Since the jobs recovery began in 2010, 43 percent of employment growth has gone to immigrants.” That, obviously, is much less than “all” of the new jobs.

…the study lumped legal and illegal immigrants together.

[it] …is correct that foreign-born workers, both citizens and noncitizens, do disproportionately well in the job market. But the actual numbers fall well short of the 100 percent…”All” is an overstatement.

One of Pope Francis’ messages in the church’s 2014 “World Day of Migrants and Refugees” declared:

“Migrants and refugees are not pawns on the chessboard of humanity.”

rick santorumWould Rick Santorum change his statement if he were shown its inaccuracy, probably not. His anti-immigrant stance is a cornerstone of conservative politics. I’m not sure his campaign can stoop any lower this in the future, but nothing would surprise me.

He couldn’t win as a religious zealot, so now he’s re-invented himself as a “blue collar” kinda guy; thing is, he’s never had a blue collar job in his life. Rick wants to be President, and he’ll say and do whatever it takes to get his party’s nomination.

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How to Suck at Your Religion

suck at religionErick Erickson is a great example of how to suck at your religion. If you don’t know who Erickson is, he’s been called one of the “most powerful Conservatives” in America. He does Fox, has a radio show, and is the editor of the conservative site Red State. He had a brief stint on CNN, but with more chins than brains, he wasn’t long for that type of venue; you know, round hole square peg. As Erickson himself put it:

“About the only thing the far right and far left could agree on was that I did not belong at CNN.”

ericksonAnd he’s a “Christian”. In a recent article, The Atlantic referred to him as “deeply informed by his evangelical faith”, but you’d never know it by the vile, despicable things he says. Then again, most on the right are of the religious persuasion that says you’re already forgiven, no need to be a decent human being here on earth.

Erickson once referred to Supreme Court Justice David Souter as a “goat fucking child molester”, and called First Lady Michelle Obama a “Marxist harpy” among other notable statements. Now the Atlantic reports that Erickson has:

… been accepted to the Reformed Theological Seminary in Atlanta, to pursue—part-time, between radio broadcasts—a master’s degree in biblical studies.

Isn’t that a hoot. In a bit of irony, Erickson recently wrote:

“I increasingly find conflict between my faith and some conservative discourse.”

Not his own discourse mind you; this is Erickson’s tweet about the President’s proposal to provide two years of community college to students:


What kind of “Christian” makes light of one of the most devastating crimes that can happen to a man or woman? In the Atlantic article, Erickson laments that:

…conservatives are in a constant state of hair-on-fire, yelling anger… a toxic mind-set that prevents them from seeing straight.

A “toxic mind set”… you don’t say.

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The Idiots and the Oddities 11/2/14

97 The Idiots and the Oddities

I’m reprising a weekly roundup I have done in the past at Daily KOS and All Things Democrat titled The Idiots and the Oddities. It’s a look at some of the more standout ridiculous, ironic, and borderline lunatic statements from the the right.

When the Tea Party infested politics, it emboldened every missing link and failed genetic experiment to come out of the woodwork and foist their particular brand of insanity upon America. They don’t even pretend to think anymore:

Gay Marriage Bad, No Marriage Better

Let’s start with Idaho Republican state senator, Steve Vick, who thinks he’s found the way to fight marriage equality – don’t let anyone in Idaho get married.

“Another potential avenue that I’m exploring is just eliminating marriage licenses inVick1164 Idaho.
I have discussed it with just a few people, I don’t have a bill drafted or anything. I have discussed it at some of the town halls I’ve been at. It actually seems to be fairly well-received. In my opinion, if we’re not allowed to determine the standards for a marriage license, then maybe we should just not issue them.”

That’ll go over big. Lest you think he’s bouncing around all alone in that rubber room, his pals in Oklahoma are are right there with him, as CBS/Houston reports:

TurnerOklahoma lawmakers are considering legislation to ban all marriages in the state, if only as just a move to keep same-sex marriage illegal while satisfying the U.S. Constitution.
The consideration is backed by a bill filed by state Rep. Mike Turner, R-Edmond, who says that he and other conservative lawmakers agree that government regulation of marriage altogether is a topic for debate, KWTV reports. Turner acknowledges that the move would keep same-sex marriage illegal, and allow it to navigate around a recent ruling that same-sex bans are against federal law.
“[My constituents are] willing to have that discussion about whether marriage needs to be regulated by the state at all,” Turner told KWTV.

The Right’s Big Thinkers

I’m guessing you could probably count those constituents on one hand. Louie Gohmert, a guy who actually was dropped on his head as a baby, had this to say recently:

gohmert“It’s amazing, so often I get quoted and people say it’s outrageous and then a year or two years later people go, ‘Wow, he was right all along,’”

Yeah, I hear that a lot, don’t you – right after they call Michele Bachman a genius. Speaking of Her Geniusness, Bachmann is hoping her post-Congress career will include “a position at a think tank”. She actually said that. I’m guessing the only position she’d qualify for would be cleaning the tank, but she can dream, right?bachmann

From Phyllis Schlafly, a woman I keep waiting to hear has been put in a home, comes this gem:

P. Schlafly“There are all kinds of diseases in the rest of the world, and we don’t want them in this country. And it’s Obama’s job to keep them out. Letting these diseased people into this country to infect our own people” is “the most outrageous” thing Obama has done in his presidency.

Obama doesn’t want America to believe that we’re exceptional. He wants us to be just like everybody else, and if Africa is suffering from Ebola, we ought to join the group and be suffering from it, too. That’s his attitude.”

I know it’s not polite to speak ill of the dead, but I’ll make an exception in Mrs. Schlafly’s case: She is one nasty, hateful old biddy. Some of the most unhinged comments about this president have come out of this woman’s mouth, most of them bordering on dementia.

About Beauty, By the Beast

On to New Hampshire, and State Rep. Steve Vaillancourt who had this to say about incumbent Democratic Rep. Ann McLane Kuster:

“Let’s be honest. Does anyone not believe that Congressman Annie Kuster is as ugly as sin? And I hope I haven’t offended sin.”

Vaillancourt  ← This is Steve Vaillancourt by the way; quite the Adonis, no? Imagine that thing comin’ at you in the dark. He’s more proof that conservative men don’t own mirrors.

Palin family photo by Mario Piperni

Palin family photo by Mario Piperni


Another Palin Whine

And finally, after Alaska’s version of the Clampetts got into that throwdown at the hoedown, Bristol Mae took to her blog to complain about the coverage of the incident. After telling her version of events, she writes:

This is what I don’t understand.  I have mostly stayed out of the public eye for the past few years. I clock in and out of work – yes I actually have a job – like most middle class Americans and chip away at making my son’s life just a little bit easier.  So why does the media still choose to put the Palins into an entirely different category of people?

Yeah I know, it cracked me up too, that “chip away” bit especially. Most single Mothers don’t get paid speaking gigs for abstinence after they’ve done anything but abstain, or invitations to DWTS, or their own reality show for that matter.  And I’m not sure how doing a non-wife version of “Celebrity Wife Swap” (yet another vulgar reality show) constitutes “staying out of the public eye”.  Bristol Mae has complained in the past that:

“Most of what the media reports about our family is complete garbage.”

I think what she meant to say is that the media are constantly reporting what goes on with her trashy family. (By the way Bristol dear, your family is in an entirely different category; it’s just the people aspect that’s still under debate.) That’s the idiots and oddities for this installment.

Have a good week folks.

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