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Sarah Palin: “Rogue” My Ass

Far from being the “rogue” she and her sycophants claim she is, Sarah Palin is just another Right Wing, follow the party line, disagree with everything Obama, FOOL.
Recently asked about the President’s returning the name of of Mt. McKinley to its original Denali, Palin said:

Palin“The name of the national park was changed to Denali some years ago, so I thought that was good enough. We could keep McKinley as the highest peak on the North American continent. We could keep that name McKinley. Blah, blah, blah …”

As you could have guessed, Palin has referred to the mountain as Denali herself, such as in her 1/2 term “I quit” speech:

… I say it is the best road trip in America soaring through nature’s finest show. Denali, the great one, soaring under the midnight sun…

(She must have learned the word soaring that week.) She “blacktracked” when all of her fellow RWNJs started faux outraging because hey, attention is attention. Even the perpetually pregnant abstinence queen, publicity whore after her Mother’s own heart, got some media coverage from it. Again I ask: Could we stop making stupid people famous?

So while the name Denali is extremely important to the NATIVE PEOPLE of Alaska, Palin ditches them for the greater promise of publicity. She couldn’t very well have gone against the tide of all the Conservatives spouting off about it; that would mean giving President Obama credit for something, and she might lose her party creds.

Instead, she opted to dis the native people of her home state for a little more attention; the woman has no allegiance to anything now except publicity and money. But the renaming of the mountain to its original name means quite a lot to the state’s indigenous people, as one Alaskan wrote in the Guardian:

 We are happy that Denali will now officially be known by the Koyukon Athabascan name that it has held for centuries. Using traditional place names is one more way to celebrate and perpetuate our Alaska Native cultures.

Sarah Palin couldn’t care less about her state’s culture. She could have done the right thing by Alaskans, but she sold out. “Rouge” my ass.

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They Said What? Latest RW Idiocy

facepalmThey Said What?

Sometimes there’s such a smorgasbord of RW idiocy out there, the posts can’t come fast enough; for those times, pulling a quote or two from the drivel can say it all.


Idiot Supreme Alex Jones:

Palin“Palin says she’s very interested in a 2016 campaign. Hey I’ll say it, Palin is a lot better than Jeb Bush or Chris Christie, she’s the real deal… the “winning ticket is Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin or Rand Paul, Sarah Palin.”

The ONLY thing the Wasilla Hillbilly is “very interested in” is keeping the rubes donating to her PAC so she can maintain her Clampetts meet Beverly Hills lifestyle. While her PAC donated a paltry 5.5% of $3.6 million to actual candidates, they spent $10,885 buying her books, and most of the rest on lavish travel and speech writers.

This comes to us from Media Matters:

Fox Hosts Promote Scott Walker As The “Sexy” Republican 2016 Hopeful

I think pictures speak for themselves:

Walker collage

Yeah, I’m just not seein’ it. A President should at least look like he’s passed the puberty stage. I guess he might be sexy if you’re into that dufus look.

From Crooks & Liars:

terrorist laughingNewly elected GOP Sen. Thomas Croci of Islip introduced legislation this week to create the “New York State Terrorist Registry” to track evildoers who have taken up residence in the Empire State. The registry, which would be accessible to the public on the Web, would be modeled after the one now used to track registered sex offenders living in New York and would require the terrorists.

“It will discourage terrorists worldwide from entering New York, require those already in New York to register and be monitored,” Croci told the Daily News. “Most importantly, it will provide our law enforcement with an important new tool, to immediately arrest a terrorist who has not registered and submitted to monitoring once their presence in New York State is discovered.”

Some Tennessee Religious RW idiocy courtesy of Squatlo Rant:

holy-wordsState Rep. Jerry Sexton’s first official proposal at the Legislative Plaza was a motion to consider naming an official state book for the Volunteer State, and you’ll never guess which book he’d like his colleagues to consider: The Holy Bible.

Undeterred by the failure of similar proposals in both Mississippi and Louisiana, Sexton has filed a motion to debate making the Bible Tennessee’s official state book. We already have a state tree, flower, fruit, song, and dance… hell, we’ve even got a state salamander. Surely we need ourselves an official state book, right?

And as Squatlo reports, not to be outdone:

WTF?Rep. James Van Huss (R-Jonesboro) has filed a motion to have new language inserted into Tennessee’s State Constitution, language that will make it clear who’s running the show. Here’s the phrase he wants the legislature to add to the constitution:

“We recognize that our liberties do not come from governments, but from Almighty God, our Creator and Savior.”

There you go! See how easy it is to make sure everyone knows you’re a fine, upstanding Christian taking care of the state’s business in Nashville? So what if some other panderin’ fool beat you to the low hanging fruit by going on the record with the Holy Bible as the state’s official book? There’s still plenty of fruit dangling around if you know how to reach it!

Speaking of God and politics, one of Rick Perry’s “financiers” recently told the Daily Mail:

perry talks to God


‘He and his wife believe they are touched by God, and that this is his time,’ the donor said. ‘It’s like – they can’t lose – that’s the sense of it.’

Rick Perry’s been touched by something alright, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the hand of God.
Think Progress had this:
rocksDuring a House Education and Workforce Committee proceeding on Wednesday to reauthorize the nation’s elementary and secondary education law, Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) said, “Socrates trained Plato in on a rock and then Plato trained in Aristotle roughly speaking on a rock. So, huge funding is not necessary to achieve the greatest minds and the greatest intellects in history.”
FYI: Virginia got a grade of C+ on the Education Week 2015: State Report Cards Map.

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