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Megyn Kelly Is Still No Journalist

Megyn Kelly left Fox (ahem) “News” in April for a reported $15 to $20 million contract at NBC. Seriously, NBC? For a partisan hack?

Anyway, Kelly scored an interview with Vladimir Putin for the debut of her new NBC show “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly”. By some accounts, she blew the opportunity by soft-balling the interview.

You might think she’d follow up with another big score, being a brand new show; but you would be wrong. She followed up with Alex Jones, one of the right wing’s biggest lunatics, and THAT’S SAYING SOMETHING.

kelly and jones

According to the Associated Press, Kelly thinks “…it’s her job to “shine a light” on newsmakers”. Gee, what “newsmaker” could she “shine a light on” next, maybe Charles Manson?

On a positive note, the switch in stations has caused her to dress like an actual professional; but NBC doesn’t do T&A, so she’ll actually have to be good to keep this job.

megyn kelly

For his part, the AP reports Jones wasn’t happy with the interview, or Kelly:

He said he expected a “rigged” report because a day’s worth of interviews will be boiled down to an 11-minute report. “They’re scared of what we’re covering,” he said. “They’re scared of what we’re doing.” Jones also described Kelly as not feminine, cold and robotic. “I felt zero attraction to Megyn Kelly,” he said.

I’m sure she’s boo-hooing over that! Just a suggestion here Alex but, maybe YOU should buy a mirror.

Megyn Kelly might prove people wrong; but considering she agreed to lower the neckline and hike the skirt up for 13 years for a job, I’m not sure she considers herself a real journalist either.


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Bill Kristol, Another Trump Bitch

megyn_kellyLet’s face it, Megyn Kelly is hardly a “journalist”; but then, neither is anyone else at Fox. That being said, she works for the station and thus deserves to be treated with respect by other people who are paid to appear on Fox. Some people don’t seem to get that, namely Bill Kristol.

Recently, Fox “pundit” Donald Trump referred to Kelly as a “bimbo” in one of his endless childish tweets:


This was Kristol’s response, according to Mediaite:

27523_5_Kristol told Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg today that Trump’s tweets about Kelly––including a retweet of someone calling her a “bimbo”––were “a little excessive” but news people say things all the time and need to have thicker skins.

He wasn’t too “disturbed” by Trump’s comments and didn’t think he should apologize, only noting that it’s not necessarily the best idea to “antagonize” Megyn Kelly fans he might want on his side.

Yes, that’s all that matters, some of Kelly’s fans may get upset. Are there any MEN left in the Republican Party, or are they all just Donald Trump’s bitches?

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