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Allen Half-Asses Its Philando Castile Post

allenwestI was curious what prominent Black Republican, Allen West, thought about Philando Castile’s death, so I went to his site. I found a shamefully half-assed post with the deliberately misleading title: “Minnesota man was stopped by police in connection with armed robbery“.

To be fair, West didn’t write the post; he’s too busy personally condemning Black Lives Matter and The New Black Panther Party to concern himself with yet another Black citizen killed by police. Besides, saying the wrong thing could mean the Republican White Boys Club won’t let him pretend he’s one of them anymore. He did manage to tweet out a sensationalized and misleading link to the post, which alludes to Castile being the robber in the picture. Disgraceful, even for him.

west tweet

Anyway… The post’s first paragraph reads:

castile quote 1

The author then proceeds to purposely not give the full picture himself. He points out that Castile wasn’t pulled over for a broken tail light, but rather because an officer thought he might be an armed robbery suspect. The officer tells the police dispatcher:

castile quote 2

Let me first point out that the robbery had taken place 4 days earlier; it’s not as if they thought Mr. Castile was fleeing the scene.


Second of all, he pulled him over for a wide set nose? Put some dreds and a ballcap on Allen West and even he’d fit that description. The most misleading bit in the post however, is this:

Castile’s girlfriend, Lavish Reynolds, claims in the video that Castile had a Permit to Carry a firearm. is reporting that they contacted the Ramsey County Sheriff’s office and questioned whether they had issued a Conceal Carry Permit to Castile:

sheriff tweet

Oddly enough, it took me seconds to retrieve evidence of Mr. Castile’s carry permit:

carry permit

Lo and behold, he got it in a different county; guess that never occurred to the post’s author. By the way, you won’t find a correction in the post regarding the permit, either.

Allen West should be demanding higher standards from the people who write for him. Oh, and maybe just once, he could bring himself to stand up for his own race.


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