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McCrory Signs Bill to Suppress Evidence

McCroryThis is today’s GOP: Rather than laying down the law to police officers in his state regarding excessive force, or God forbid, holding them accountable, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has signed legislation to suppress evidence. The Governor’s website states: The public safety of North Carolina’s citizens is of utmost importance to the McCrory Administration.” Yet, as ABC Raleigh reports:


Here are a few radical ideas: How about “rules and guidelines” for officers? How about psych evaluations? How about rubber bullets and stun guns? How about training in de-escalation? How about mandatory termination and jail time for officers who shoot people in the back.  How about demanding your police departments PROTECT those they are PAID TO PROTECT, which includes people of color, even those suspected of criminal activity. As the Black Lives Matter movement explains:


In fact, The 14th Amendment states:

14th amendment

That is what BLM is fighting for.

I seriously doubt this power grab by McCrory will pass constitutional muster considering the videos belong to the taxpayers. The fact that any Governor would choose suppression of evidence as a solution to the possible criminal activity of law enforcement should make people of all colors scream NO!


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Black, White, Purple, a Thug is a Thug

Let’s get one thing straight: While racists may use the word thug, not everyone who uses the word thug is a racist. Black, white, or purple, a thug is a thug, and I don’t plan to stop using the word because somebody, somewhere decided it’s now a racial slur.

I read a piece on Over the Line, where the writer claims ‛“thug” has always existed as a racialized term in Western thought.’  Here’s an excerpt:

 Like the n-word, “thug” is an umbrella term that racist whites (and Black race traitors…) use to describe undesirable Black people.


Today, “thug” is similarly racialized in the American context, as it refers to stereotypes of Black criminality.

… America’s war on “thugs” is more precisely a war on unpalatable Black people, or a race war.

Bullshit. The Webster’s Dictionary definition of thug reads:

:  a brutal ruffian or assassin :  gangster, tough


The word thug was being used in this country long before the tragedies in Ferguson, or Baltimore:

Queens Tenants at Condo Had to Pay Fees and Fines to Mafia Thugs, Feds Say  (New York Daily News, 2009)

Several Mexican Mafia Thugs going Away for a Long Time (WAOI, San Antonio, 2013)

Rabbis’ Thugs Used Cattle Prods to Win Divorces, Feds Charge (ABC News, 2013)

Newspapers have referred to union thugs, skinhead thugs, Asian thugs, rich white thugs, underage white thugs, the NRA even referring to law enforcement as “jack-booted thugs” in 1995.

Thug means violence, intimidation, and menacing. If you’re using the injustice of a young man’s death as an excuse for looting and burning, you’re a thug; I don’t give a damn what color you are.

This is a protest:


This is a riot:


These are protestors:


These are thugs:


When you do this to a small business owner in your own community:


or this:


you can no longer claim you are protesting for Freddie Gray; you are using his death as an excuse for violence against the innocent. You are not supporting your community, you are destroying it. And when you show up at what began as an organized protest with a gas mask

gas mask

or a knife


or a baseball bat


you are looking for more to happen. If you don’t even give a damn about the people of your own race, the very group you’re “protesting” for, when you destroy their livelihoods in the process, I’m sorry:

black shop owner's sign

then you are a thug, plain and simple.

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