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Stop Molly-Coddling the Obese Baby in the White House

Donald Trump refuses to admit that he lost the election and Republicans are molly-coddling him like theTrumpscreaming obese baby he is. To avoid the risk of losing favor, everybody is offering him emotional rattles to play with until he stops crying and starts packing his things.

santorumRick Santorum (yes, he’s still around):  “He’s just found out that he’s probably not going to be the president of the United States anymore. This is a very emotional time, give people space to work through this.”

fleischerAri Fleischer: The “decent thing to do is let the president himself take the time he wants to absorb this.”


CNN: Almost everyone around the President — members of his family, senior staffers and outside advisers — believe he will accept defeat and leave the White House in January even if he never publicly acknowledges Biden’s win.

mcenanyKayleigh McEnany, On whether Trump would attend Biden’s inauguration: “President Trump believes he will be President Trump, have a second term. I think the president will attend his own inauguration

mcconnell2Mitch McConnell: “Let’s not have any lectures, no lectures, about how the president should immediately, cheerfully accept preliminary election results.”


Laura Ingraham: “Now, losing, especially when you believe the process wasn’t fair, it’s a gut punch. And ingrahamI’m not conceding anything tonight, by the way, but, losing, if that’s what happens, it’s awful.



Greg Gutless Gutfeld says of Trump: “He redefined the party, because he spoke for people that both the Democrats and the Republicans forgot about. So I think, I think we’re gonna have a HELL of a lot of fun. We’re gonna have two presidents! We’re gonna have two presidents!” (Right. Outa. His. Ass.)

HannitySean Hannity: “… every American should be angry, outraged and worried and concerned about what happened in the election and the lead-up to the election.”

(Trump talking points)

CarlsonPerpetually befuddled looking Tucker Carlson claims: the “outcome of our presidential election was seized from the hands of voters”. (This is especially ridiculous considering 2020 had the highest voter turnout percentage since 1900.)

Even Trump’s national security adviser, Robert O’Brien, can’t man-up enough to face his boss head-on. As the Daily Beast reported, O’Brien has:

O'Brien…pushed national security officials to publicly embrace the absurd Trump message that the election has not been certified and that there are still legal battles playing out across the country that could turn in the president’s favor.

“If you even mention Biden’s name… that’s a no-go, you’d be fired,” one national security official said.

This molly-coddling has gone on long enough. DONALD TRUMP LOST. It doesn’t matter if he cries, sucks his thumb, stomps his feet, or stays in bed hiding under the covers all day, HE STILL LOST. Somebody in that party of impotent cowards needs to find the brass to tell him it’s over.


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Black is White, Up is Down, and Patriots are “Snitches” in GOP Land

Geraldo Rivera, Peabody-Award-winning-ABC-journalist-turned-Fox-News-Hack had this to say about the Trump Whistleblower:  

“So it’s going to be the president of the United States in a conversation that was intercepted by a rotten snitch, I’d love to wap him, but that’s another story.”

(“Wap” is slang for to beat or strike, according to Mediaite.)

“Imagine this poor president, his whole tenure in office has been marked by snitches, and rats, and backstabbers, and it’s amazing how he functions at all.

“Snitches and rats”… that’s what the Right Wing’s phony patriots are calling real patriots these days. The-guy-currently-residing-in-the-white-house has allegedly attempted to blackmail a foreign country into aiding his re-election bid, by dangling previously promised American aid like a carrot, and the Rabid Right is A-OK with that. THINK ABOUT THAT.

(Not for nothin’, but I could probably squash Geraldo like a bug with minimal effort.)

red rose

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How the Trump Saved Christmas, Or Not

cyscv8puoaeepfsCNN’s Trump-Paid-Shill, Corey Lewandowski, has announced that finally, THANK GOD, everyone can say Merry Christmas again because Donald Trump is President!  No more burning Christians at the stake… sorry, that was witches; no more waterboarding… nope, that’s terrorists… well, I can’t recall exactly what the punishment was for saying Merry Christmas… but it won’t happen anymore, thanks to Donald Trump.

You no longer need to worry about respecting your friends, neighbors, or relatives that celebrate Hanukkah, Mawlid un Nabi, Kwanzaa, or Winter Solstice, because we FINALLY have a President that says, “Enough of that co-exist bullshit!” Our thrice-married, serial-adultering, little-cracker-eating, religious-pandering, devoutly-phony-Christian-President Elect is putting the Christmas back in Christmas… for you, anyway. Trump himself prefers Holiday cards,



Holiday Poker Chips


and Holiday Twitter greetings



Is Trump just pandering to the poor, oppressed, phony-Christian right wing? I mean, let’s be honest, he doesn’t really need them anymore. Or is he helping his personal media/marketing company, Fox “News”; they love that “War on Christmas” story line. Especially Bill O’Reilly-


He’s made it an annual “thing”. Bubba’s sitting there pumping his fist, yelling “Yeah, that’s right, Christmas Goddamn it!” Then the channel goes to break across the country:





Crickets. Next up, Fox folks share photos from the company Christmas Holiday party:


The ladies attending the party found great stuff to wear in Fox Magazine’s article on Christmas Holiday dresses:

magazine article

AND News Corpse, bless their hearts, found some great Fox swag for those die-hard O’Reilly fans:


That’s right, it’s the O’Reilly Factor Christmas Holiday Ornament! (Update: “The Fox Shop managers have edited their store and changed Holiday to Christmas.”)

Fox has LOTS of advice for the holidays (by which I assume they mean Christmas):

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Holiday Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

Top 10 holiday gifts for moms

Holiday Gift Guide for Foodies

30 Homemade Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas

You get the drift. Fox wouldn’t be Fox without something to be outraged about, phony or not. While we’re on the “War on Christmas” bullshit train, maybe O’Reilly or some other big-time Right Wing Christmas Crusader could tell me if guns and shameless self-promotion fall under “the reason for the season”:


Another thing I’ve long wondered about, from prayer in school, to saying Happy Holidays: Is Christian faith so untenable that their children not praying in school, or being respectful of others’ religious holidays can destroy it? A TRUE Christian finally answers that question for me:

Christians neither need a holiday to celebrate the birth of their Savior (we live daily in celebration of Him, don’t we?) nor are they forbidden to celebrate, to have fun and to give gifts, just because.

Just as I thought.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


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Laurie Luhn Cashing In On Others’ Sexual Harassment



luhn-ailesLaurie Luhn, a self-proclaimed Fox News “victim” is making the TV talk show rounds to bemoan her treatment at the hands of Pig Extraordinaire, Roger Ailes. It was really just a matter of time after Gretchen Carlson’s big settlement. Ignore her tears however, until you read her story; compare the one she’s telling now to the one she told New York Magazine, in a piece titled: “Former Fox News Booker Says She Was Sexually Harassed and ‘Psychologically Tortured’ by Roger Ailes for More Than 20 Years“. Contrary to the post’s title, or Ms. Luhn’s portrayal of herself as a victim, you’ll find she willingly jumped into the sewer with Roger Ailes, because he could get her what she wanted. The New York article begins:


“Professionally adrift (a flowery term for unemployed) and emotionally unmoored”, hmm, those darned female “emotions”. Trust me, Laurie Luhn was more calculating than “unmoored”. She says she “worked for” Roger Ailes for 20 years; if by “worked for” she means prostituted herself and pimped for, then yes, she did “work for” Ailes.

Luhn’s story is an “account” of her deplorable complicity in Ailes’ predatory behavior; from accepting money and employment from him for sex, to setting up unknowing young women in one on ones with him. Not only did Ms. Luhn willingly put herself in the situation she describes now, she chose to stay in it. Do not confuse consent with coercion; she and Ailes both got what they wanted out of their arrangement.

In her very first meeting with Ailes, which was supposed to be a job interview, Ms.Luhn just happened to mention that she had “nothing but bills”.  After the meeting, she gave him a ride to the airport where she told New York Mag, “He leans over and slips me the tongue and kisses me, and hands me a wad of cash.”

Now at this point, a few scenarios are possible:

  • She screams and he jumps out of the car, never to be heard from again
  • She slaps him, and tells him to get out (among other things), throws his money at him and drives off
  • Says bye-bye, drives off with the money thinking sucker (among other things), and he never hears from her again

Ms. Luhn however, accepted his money and advances, and came back for more, essentially striking a deal for her employment. Despite having no background or education in the field, Luhn decided she wanted to work in political communications, and found herself a shortcut to get there. She sought Ailes’ assistance, then agreed to a “quid pro quo” for that position.

Ailes put her on a “retainer that, “…paid for Luhn to be available to meet Ailes when he was in Washington” – at his hotel. Her new “employer” immediately asked her to purchase a “black garter and stockings” to wear when they met, which she did. She was now prostituting herself for a job; far different from going into your boss’ office for a meeting and being surprised by sexual advances, something Luhn set other women up to face:


 Only after being relegated to a bogus job with no responsibility years later, did Luhn suddenly find her emotional “mooring”. Enough in fact, to contact the Fox legal department about sexual harassment, for which she received a hefty settlement.  Even so, she was still trying to use “Daddy Roger”(ugh) to get ahead this past summer when she wrote this in a letter to him (my emphasis):

good soldier

“Generous financial compensation” to the tune of more than 3 million dollars for this “good soldier”, or is it victim? Either way, despite her 20 year “ordeal”, she’s contacting him again for help getting a job This is the definition of sexual harassment according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission:

EEOC quote

In Ms. Luhn’s case, she agreed to his conduct willingly, in order to obtain her job. She also conspired to set women up for Ailes, which should make her a party to other women’s harassment claims as well. Now, as she does the talk show circuit, she seems to be downplaying her responsibility in their arrangement, and embellishing the poor victim parts of the story. According to the Daily Mail:


He “had her strip”? What power did Ailes have over her at the time; she didn’t work for him, she had supposedly just recently met him. The room had a door, and any self-respecting woman would have slammed it shut behind her. And where’s the part about the airport trip, where she took his money? The part where she could have driven away, never to be heard from again?


She followed this pig and took another job with him, but she thought it would end? She talks like she had no control over the situation. “It continued” because she allowed it. The Daily Mail does report on her initial New York Magazine story in their article, and several discrepancies are evident; they close the piece with this:


luhn-nowToo bad the truth didn’t “set her free” a couple of decades and 3 million dollars ago; HUNDREDS of women might have been spared the indignities she willingly accepted. Laurie Luhn is the worst kind of woman; she used sex to get what she wanted, yet now she wants you to believe she was a helpless toy for Roger Ailes, with no control over what happened to her. Now that there’s money to be made on the talk show circuit, and probably a book deal, her story will continue to evolve, or devolve, depending on which way you look at it. I have no sympathy for this woman; she makes a mockery of all the women who have battled real sexual harassment over decades.

Don’t get me wrong, there are far too many bosses like Ailes, who abuse their positions and harass, even assault their female employees. Unfortunately, there are also women like Luhn, who know exactly what they’re doing when they use slobs like him to get ahead. This woman used sex to get and keep a job, while knowingly and willingly putting other women at risk.

Laurie Luhn is no better than Roger Aisles.


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