Kendall Jones: Who Raises a Kid Like This?

By now you’ve probably heard of Kendall Jones, the teenage reality-star-wannabe who gets her kicks by killing African animals – some endangered – for sport, then poses for pictures with them. I won’t include the photos because most normal human beings would be disturbed by them. Frankly, I’m more disturbed by the type of parent that could raise a kid like this.

Daddy’s Rationale

According to TMZ, her father insists:

…some of his daughter’s killings were humane. The pic of the dead lion, for example, was a mercy killing, he says, because the animal was old and unable to keep up with its pack. … the lion’s fate was sealed … a younger lion would surely have killed it.

Oh, well in that case let’s call her a hero and give her a parade! The New York Daily News writes:

“…she became interested in hunting in 2004 at 9 years old when she went with her dad to Zimbabwe.
“As badly as I wanted to shoot something, I was just too small to hold the guns my dad had brought.”

Evidently, she was big enough “to shoot something” by thirteen when she killed a white rhino on her second trip to Africa. While we’ve all seen adorable pictures of kids with animals, hugging them, carrying them around – this young woman prefers to hug dead ones. What a sweet girl.

I Must Be Sexist

Kelly Oliver, a professor at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee thinks the outrage at Jones is sexist:

“…it’s clear that we still have issues with women and girls carrying guns and using them.”

Bullshit. Killing then posing with these majestic creatures is barbaric no matter what gender you are. Marlea Clarke, who specializes in South African and southern African politics at the University of Victoria explains at least my revulsion:

“Potentially as offensive, was Jones’s seemingly blasé attitude about killing vulnerable wildlife populations and paying reserve outfitters for the pleasure to do so…”

Kendall Jones Likes Killing a Bit Too Much

Seeing such glee on a person’s face because they’ve just killed a living thing is disconcerting, to say the least. Personally, I’d like to see Ms. Jones and her parents dropped into the middle of an African game preserve … with no weapons.

For anyone interested, there’s a petition to keep her show off the air. Don’t count on it doing much though, this is what Americans do now – turn the country’s biggest miscreants into celebrities.


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