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Republican Priorities Idaho: School Gun Classes

RP Idaho

Republican Priorities in Idaho: GUNS!

ron_nateAs we know, Republican priorities are strange things. Idaho Rep. Ron Nate believes that his state, ranked 48th in education, should make gun safety classes a priority.

Idaho Ed News reports:

“Safety and prevention are always a priority,” Nate said. “In an era where gun ownership is increasing, we do see in the news more and more cases of active shooter situations and incidental accidents with firearms. It is a responsibility of ours to educate children as best we can for firearms and firearm safety.” Nate’s bill states “trustees may adopt an elective course of instruction developed by the Department of Fish and Game, a law enforcement agency or a firearms association as its firearms safety education course.”

Odd Coincidence

One interesting aspect of the bill: The above listed instruction meets the state’s requirements for a concealed carry permit:

(9)  The sheriff may require the applicant to demonstrate familiarity with a firearm and must accept any one (1) of the following as evidence of the applicant’s familiarity with a firearm:
(a)  Completion of any hunter education or hunter safety course approved by the department of fish and game or a similar agency of another state;
(b)  Completion of any national rifle association firearms safety or training course
(c)  Completion of any firearms safety or training course… available to the general public offered by a law enforcement agency… or public institution… utilizing instructors certified by the national rifle association or the Idaho state police…
So taxpayers, gun supporters or not, will foot the bill to groom students for concealed carry, as well as firearms use.

Gun Proficient But Under-Educated

Does Idaho’s public school system have the money to teach gun safety? Hardly. Maybe they figure it will keep the 52% of Idaho students who don’t go on to college, from accidentally shooting someone while carrying at their fast food jobs.
Idaho currently ranks 48th in per-pupil spending. Despite the economy rebounding, the state still spends less on education than it did in 2009:
Idaho ed 2001-2016
In addition, Idaho students’ overall proficiency rates for the 2015-2016 school year were:
Math 24.4%
Science 30.6%
English 33.5%
Is firearms training really the priority for Idaho Republicans?
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How to Suck at Your Religion

suck at religionErick Erickson is a great example of how to suck at your religion. If you don’t know who Erickson is, he’s been called one of the “most powerful Conservatives” in America. He does Fox, has a radio show, and is the editor of the conservative site Red State. He had a brief stint on CNN, but with more chins than brains, he wasn’t long for that type of venue; you know, round hole square peg. As Erickson himself put it:

“About the only thing the far right and far left could agree on was that I did not belong at CNN.”

ericksonAnd he’s a “Christian”. In a recent article, The Atlantic referred to him as “deeply informed by his evangelical faith”, but you’d never know it by the vile, despicable things he says. Then again, most on the right are of the religious persuasion that says you’re already forgiven, no need to be a decent human being here on earth.

Erickson once referred to Supreme Court Justice David Souter as a “goat fucking child molester”, and called First Lady Michelle Obama a “Marxist harpy” among other notable statements. Now the Atlantic reports that Erickson has:

… been accepted to the Reformed Theological Seminary in Atlanta, to pursue—part-time, between radio broadcasts—a master’s degree in biblical studies.

Isn’t that a hoot. In a bit of irony, Erickson recently wrote:

“I increasingly find conflict between my faith and some conservative discourse.”

Not his own discourse mind you; this is Erickson’s tweet about the President’s proposal to provide two years of community college to students:


What kind of “Christian” makes light of one of the most devastating crimes that can happen to a man or woman? In the Atlantic article, Erickson laments that:

…conservatives are in a constant state of hair-on-fire, yelling anger… a toxic mind-set that prevents them from seeing straight.

A “toxic mind set”… you don’t say.

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