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Michele Bachmann, You’re an Idiot

Michele Bachmann, the woman God pranked by telling her to run for President, sees the hand of God in Donald Trump’s election. Right Wing Watch reports:

lunatic-bachmann Bachmann said that during and prior to the election, prayer warriors were spread all across the country and tasked with offering up “very specific” prayers “for specific states, for specific counties, for specific percentages in cities that we needed to have” and God delivered.

“We saw the Lord answer so specifically that only the hand of God could do that,” she said. “Let’s pray and join and ask the Lord that godly believers would be put in these key sensitive positions. People that the Lord will use for blessing for the United States and for the world. This was the number one story of 2016: God answering the prayers of his people.”

Think about that: “God’s hand” was “punishing us” when he put a true Christian in the White House, not once, BUT TWICE, who saved the economy, got people back to work, used diplomacy before weapons, and governed FOR ALL of the American people. Then when IDIOTS elect a serial adulterer/sexual predator/racist/bigot/misogynist/fraud/tax cheat/small-handed-whiny-boy, who calls the sacrament “his little cracker”, THAT’S God answering their prayers.

You’re an IDIOT, Bachmann. It is you and your fellow Phony-Christian/Right-Wing-Nut-Job pals that are driving people away from organized religion. You wouldn’t recognize the hand of God if he punched you in the face with it.


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Top Secret Clearance For Trump’s Kids, Seriously?

I don’t know if the Trumps think they’re going to be the next political dynasty, or if they’re fashioning themselves after some of their most revered dictators, but Donald Trump is asking for Top Secret security clearance for his kids, as the International Business Times reports:

trumpsPresident-elect Donald Trump reportedly wants his oldest children to have top secret security clearances even though nepotism rules prevent them from being hired to work in the White House.

CBS News reported the Trump team has asked the White House to explore the possibility, which technically would require Trump’s offspring — Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr. — to be designated as national security advisers.

Isn’t that a hoot… or not. I don’t even trust Donald Trump with Top Secret clearance, let alone the rest of the Beverly Hillbillies. Imagine the input on foreign policy decisions by kids who probably think domestic policy is how much they pay the help.

Trump is claiming the CBS report is false, and we know how honest he is.


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Why Trump’s Election Is Not Simply a Political “Difference of Opinion”

The issue of many Americans’ anger at Donald Trump becoming President is not a simple case of political differences of opinion, or Democrats being sore losers. The reason for the anger is that Trump is the antithesis of EVERYTHING America is supposed to be. The reason for the anger is that the Right Wing (and even some on the left, and some Independents) voted for a racist, bigoted, misogynistic, flame-throwing, hatred-stoking, CON MAN.

Did the Right vote for Romney, a conservative family man? No. Did they vote for Rick Santorum, or Michele Bachman, the Evangelical candidates they claimed to want? NO. Did they vote for someone that would bring the country together? NO. Because the goal of the Republican Party is power. They have no interest in governing for ALL Americans; they have a goal of ramming their religious, corporate, and economic caste systems down the country’s throat.

They have paid a “wordsmith” for years to advise them on the right phrasing of policy to stoke their constituents’ anger. The working poor have been labeled “Welfare Queens”, and painted as lazy Black people living the high life on government checks. The truth however, is that the majority of SNAP recipients are white, and DO WORK, except for children, seniors, and the disabled of course. Maybe we can send those folks to government work camps so they’re pulling their weight. Have a car and a phone while using government assistance? Sorry, but if you have those “luxuries”, you know, to get to the job that’s paying you poverty level wages, or to call other employers to find a better paying job, well then you obviously don’t need assistance. Try hitch-hiking and smoke signals.

Women? They don’t need equal pay because they should be popping out kids they can’t afford, while the family struggles on one income. Their place is at home after all. And those LGBT people, the “abominations” who want to marry and maybe adopt some children? Who do they think they are? And expecting a bakery to make them a cake on top of it? Pffft.

This is the Right Wing mentality in a nutshell: If you are different than ME, there is something wrong with YOU. There is a philosophical definition erroneously called “moral individualism”, which is “an outlook toward life based on what’s good for oneself, rather than pursuit of a greater good. It is a self-centered mentality, looking out for number one”. I would have called it IMMORAL Individualism, but what do I know? In MY experience, THAT is the predominant character trait in Conservatism.

But that is not the character of America; that is not what the Founders envisioned for their new country. We live in the “information age”, yet Conservatives eschew fact. They believe every lie ever told about Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, but refuse to believe a single truth spoken about Trump. As a result, due to nothing more than a willfully ignorant electorate, the highest office in the country was handed to one of the least qualified, most repugnant individuals on the planet.

THAT is why millions of Americans are angry. THAT is why they are embarrassed. Now they must fear for themselves, or their friends, who happen to fall into one of the many Right Wing “unacceptable” categories. THAT IS NOT AMERICA. And mark my words: REAL Americans won’t stand for it.

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