Bill Kristol, Another Trump Bitch

megyn_kellyLet’s face it, Megyn Kelly is hardly a “journalist”; but then, neither is anyone else at Fox. That being said, she works for the station and thus deserves to be treated with respect by other people who are paid to appear on Fox. Some people don’t seem to get that, namely Bill Kristol.

Recently, Fox “pundit” Donald Trump referred to Kelly as a “bimbo” in one of his endless childish tweets:


This was Kristol’s response, according to Mediaite:

27523_5_Kristol told Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg today that Trump’s tweets about Kelly––including a retweet of someone calling her a “bimbo”––were “a little excessive” but news people say things all the time and need to have thicker skins.

He wasn’t too “disturbed” by Trump’s comments and didn’t think he should apologize, only noting that it’s not necessarily the best idea to “antagonize” Megyn Kelly fans he might want on his side.

Yes, that’s all that matters, some of Kelly’s fans may get upset. Are there any MEN left in the Republican Party, or are they all just Donald Trump’s bitches?

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